vitamin drips

DR. Sunny Rajput

A vitamin drip, or 'vitamin therapy' as it is sometimes referred, is an infusion of healthy vitamins delivered via IV (directly to the vein); the most common drip combination consisting of collagen, vitamin C, and glutathione.
Glutathione is most known for its skin brightening abilities. This is because the glutathione compound inhibits the body's ability to produce melanin - the pigment responsible for our skin's colour. Darker skin tones are due to a greater production of melanin, so to brighten and/or even out pigmented skin tone, glutathione works on a chemical-level from within.
It plays an essential role in the removal of nasty toxins and replenishing the body's internal supply of healthy chemicals. As a result, glutathione can help fight off disease, protect against UV radiation, boost energy, repair damaged tissue and even soothe inflammation.
Infusing your body with a cocktail of vitamin goodness will also accelerate the healing process and fight illness.Particularly prone to colds or unpredictable energy slumps? Glutathione-based drips actually help boost our immune systems, meaning our bodies can function at absolute optimum.
vitamin c is also good for immunity booster which helps to fight with different types of diseases like alopecia,psoriasis,eczema,melasma, hives,corona etc..